Doing Math: Tesselations

During our last class meeting we “did math” by creating Tessellations. Below are a couple that I have created using Geogebra.

When I first started to create these tessellations my first thought was to start out with a single shape then build off of that shape. For the first one, I decided it would be easiest if I can use different figures off of my initial shape, the octagon, so that the end result would be a square with multiple shapes within. I then started to play with the reflection over a line tool in Geogebra and started to make my tessellation bigger along with having symmetry. As I started to make the tessellation bigger into a bigger rectangle I thought it looked boring. Therefore, I decided to bring the octagon from the start all the way to the finish by making the shape of the final tessellation exactly that. An octagon. Well almost an octagon, the 4 corner sides are not equal to the other sides. But, either way I think it brought some more spunk to my tessellation.

For my second tessellation, I wanted it to be much more creative. I wouldn’t consider my self the most creative person when it comes to artsy type tasks but I was happy with the outcome. I started with the same mentality as the first by making a single shape my starting point. I used the triangle, which eventually turned into a hexagon. I went to the reflection over a line tool and just started to play with the different directions of reflection. I  admit, I accidentally came up with the shape of the upper half just my reflecting and thought it looked cool, especially have I reflected it over a line to create the bottom half. I then referred to some tessellations we looked at in class and noticed how colorful they were. I wanted the symmetry to still be there even within the color selections, so I made sure to put color in the same spot on the other side of the symmetrical line as if I was painting the wings of a butterfly.




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