Math: Fibonacci

During last weeks class we watched a YouTube video called “Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and being a Plant part 1 by ViHart. The video talked about how Fibonacci numbers are everywhere in nature, specifically items that started with “pine” and flowers (From the video.) There spirals within these plants that correspond to Fibonacci numbers. Such as 5 and 8 on a pine cone, or 21 on a sun flower. One part of the video that intrigued me was when ViHart created a pine cone using spirals.

I am not an artsy person to say the least. Thus, it was really cool to see some art being made using mathematics such as Fibonacci numbers. So I decided to make a pine cone exactly like ViHarts. With 5 spirals going one way, and 8 spirals going the other. Yes, I agree this isn’t very creative, at least I should have used two different Fibonacci numbers but I am trying to learn how to be a decent artist, so I was using the visual aide to help me. I struggled to create a decent looking piece.

Some of my issues included:

  • Making my spirals with the right amount of space between them
  • Knowing where to make the “petal” of pine cone and how big to make it

The steps of how to create a pine cone include:

  1. Pick two Fibonacci numbers (I chose 5 and 8)
  2. Make 5 spirals going one way, and 8 spirals going the other way
  3. Create your pine cone by going 5 one way, and 8 the other using your spirals as a guide (This was very tricky for me)

Below is a picture of the best outcome I was able to come up with.


As you can see, even with the help of Fibonacci, I am not the best artist. In the middle of the pine cone, you can count and see that I am following the Fibonacci numbers 5 and 8. Although, as I get wider, I start to lose where I should be drawing the petals and count nine of them on the outside instead of 8. I would say this is a start into the right direction of creating a decent looking pine cone. I am going to continue to draw these using a variety of Fibonacci numbers. I will be posting the results on here. Maybe I will have to resort to Geogebra to get something that looks good. Even if I did enjoy drawing free hand using mathematics that I have learned.


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